The best lunch experience for your Employees and Clients.

Sit-down lunches at local restaurants in under 30 minutes. Paper-free. Easy to manage.

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Why LunchServed is the best lunch solution for your business and employees.
  • Save time

    No more wasted time handling lunch and business meeting reimbursements.

  • Simplify lunch management

    Give employees individual lunchcredits or use a single corporate account.

  • Boost productivity

    Lunch breaks help employees return to work with more energy and productivity increased by 30%.

We meet your business needs

    Employees can order delicious lunches at restaurants nearby on their own schedule.
    Inspire and motivate your employees with benefits they really care about daily lunch credits.
    Impress сlients and partners with great service and food. Minimize distractions to hold an effective meeting.

We are adding more of the best restaurants in
Boston and New England Area.

We love supporting local restaurants, so we’re happy to add your employees favorite lunch spots.