About Us

LunchServed is a local, Boston-based company founded by food and technology loving duo, Shirin and Kinan. Having lived in the Greater Boston Area for years, they have explored many neighborhoods for the best restaurants in the city. On one of such occasions, they timed their after-work dinner before their Friday night movie date. The resulting time was simply too long while they were on a time crunch. And so, the idea for LunchServed was born.

LunchServed is an innovative app that focuses on providing the most convenient dining experience. It restores the precious time by eliminating the entire wait associated with dining at a restaurant. Simply book the table, order your meal, and arrive at the restaurant to be seated and served, with payment already processed, so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your food. What makes LunchServed even greater is the ability to invite your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else to join you for your meal. They will be able to add their meal to the order, and you can split the payment right in the app.

LunchServed is perfect not just for casual diners, but also local companies and businesses. They can provide the employees with company-paid lunches and dinners that will boost the employee morale and provide opportunity for team bonding.

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Contact Us

Please email us at info@lunchserved.com with any questions and concerns